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Tuesday   11th of July 2017
Stefania Arcieri Ensemble - VIEWS
Stefania Arcieri Ensemble
Stefania Arcieri - vocals, compositions
Gareth Lockrane - flutes
Nathaniel Facey - alto sax
Sandro Zerafa - guitar
Sam Leak - piano
Dario Di Lecce - double bass
Shane Forbes - drums
Stefania Arcieri Ensemble

The Stefania Arcieri Ensemble is a new project which brings together some of the most creative and impressive artists on the London scene and beyond: profound and distinct personalities meet harmoniously developing unique sonorities. With this band Stefania will be presenting music from the album “Views – Shapes & Hues of Some Impressions” which introduces her as a singer as well as a composer. The album includes different ensemble combinations, from 4tet to 7tet, reflecting wide stylistic multiplicities, blending various sounds, hues, dynamics mainly inspired by contemporary jazz & latin worlds.
“Views” describes an intense encounter between harmonies, textures and perspectives, expressed through a multicoloured mixture of timbres. Here the role of the singer is particular: the voice melts with the other instruments in the arranged sections and all the sounds move from moments of bright blooming energy to others of grace and intimacy, proceeding between vigorous melodic lines and elegant dreamy paths. Eveything is enriched by the sensitivity and singular flair of every artist in the band. This stunning extraordinary line-up will deliver a fervent and thrilling performance, for a night full of exciting improvisations, interplay, uniqueness.


About the Album

I'm so thrilled to be presenting my debut album featuring a very special ensemble: “Views – Shapes And Hues Of Some Impressions” is a new project which includes some incredibly creative and gifted artists from all over Europe.

I see this album as a portrait of some moments in my musical path, as a mixture of different musical ideas and sensations that merge into a wide range of colours and textures. It represents a part of me, it embodies my inner side, a point of view.

It was recorded last year, with a 7-piece ensemble performing in various combinations of timbres throughout the album, blending different sonorities and dynamics, embracing harmonies and contrasting sounds which reflect various musical directions. The atmosphere is imbued with a multiplicity of tones that originates from contemporary jazz and latin worlds and beyond.

Alongside the original material, we are also presenting the enchanting music by some of our Jazz “Heroes” as B. Evans, H. Silver, M. Waldron, F. Hime, R. Guerra, C. Netto, Gudin.

Everything is enriched by the sensitivity and curiosity of this splendid line-up, moving between arranged sections and large spaces for exciting improvisations, interplay, dreamy paths and moments of intense energy. The music of this recording is sincerely very precious to me and the musicians involved are simply wonderful artists who led my music to a whole new level. I feel so grateful, thank you so much dear Dario, Gareth, Nathaniel, Sandro, Barry, Shane. I couldn't have asked for more!


Stefania Arcieri - vocals and compositions
Gareth Lockrane - flutes
Nathaniel Facey - alto sax
Barry Green - piano
Sandro Zerafa - guitar
Dario Di Lecce - bass
Shane Forbes - drums

Stefania Arcieri Ensemble - Views (CD)

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  An exclusive poster booklet with the artwork "Melograno" included!

about Stefania

Born and raised in a family full of artists, painters and musicians, Stefania started to love music and visual arts since she was a little girl. She took piano lessons with M.Maggi for four years during her childhood. In 2004 she started studying Jazz and Bossa Nova music in one of the most important Jazz schools in South Italy, “Il Pentagramma”, and a few years later she decided to attend the Jazz Music Programme at the “Niccolò Piccinni” Conservatory as well . In the school she had the chance to study under great Italian musicians such as Paola Arnesano, Guido Di Leone, Luigi Giannatempo, Pierluigi Balducci, Maurizio Patarino, Nico Marziliano, Pippo D'Ambrosio, learning about Singing, Jazz Harmony, Composition and Arrangement, Jazz repertoire and improvisation, Solfeggio, Ear Training, with sincere enthusiasm and very deep passion. During that period she rehearsed and performed regularly in the school Jazz Orchestra and in a jazz choir, studying very interesting and elaborate arrangements. With both these ensembles she also recorded two CDs, “Works One” (in which Stefania appears as main singer) and “Chours 2010” (compilation of various Italian choral ensembles). In the meantime she participated in several workshops with top international musicians including Steve Swallow, Eddie Gomez, Anita Wardell, Michele Hendricks, Maria Pia De Vito, Lee Konitz, Bruno Tommaso, Mario Raja, Enrico Rava, Dado Moroni, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Rachel Gould, Bobby Dhuram, Vince Mendoza, Kenny Barron, Anne Ducros. In 2010 she graduated in “Jazz Music” at the “Niccolò Piccinni” Conservatory, in Bari, (First Level Degree, valuation of 110/110 cum laude) under the guidance of important Italian masters such as Davide Santorsola, Gianna Montecalvo, Roberto Ottaviano, Luigi Giannatempo, Vito Andrea Morra. Thanks to L. Giannatempo she fell in love with Jazz composition and arranging for large ensembles. This is a new path for Stefania's career. She decided to broaden her studies about jazz writing and soon she had the possibility to compose for different kind of bands, from combos to larger ensembles such as choir and big band. She wrote two arrangements ad hoc for the Italian “a cappella” vocal group Mezzotono and, after about one year, one of these songs, “Rossana”, was recorded in the album “L'Ospite” by the guitarist Paolo Magno (dedicated to the great Italian composer Armando Trovajoli). In 2012 Stefania took part in an arranging workshop headed by Bruno Tommaso (Peter Erskine, John Taylor, Michel Godard), writing an original composition for a 26-piece ensemble which was performed under the conduction of Bruno Tommaso himself. In September 2012 the well-known Italian Jazz trombonist and arranger Mario Corvini (Michael Brecker, Gary Bartz, Kenny Wheeler) commissioned her an arrangement for a 15-piece ensemble and one of Stefania's originals “Sospeso” was performed in Rome by the “Corvini Bros Estemporaneo Band”, directed by Mario and Claudio Corvini. Stefania's career as singer started in 2004, when she was still a student, performing in Jazz venues and clubs as well as theatres and big stages. Her repertoire includes the most beautiful songs of the American songbook (like those performed by Anita O' Day, Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Labert/Hendricks/Ross) and also a huge selection of Bossa Nova masterpieces (by A. C. Jobim, Djavan, A. Barroso, C. Buarque). Stefania really adores all the enchanting melodies of the Brazilian tradition and the splendid sound of Portuguese, language that she had the chance to study at university in the past. Moreover she loves to perform modern tunes from the Be Bop/Hard Bop era (T. Monk, C. Parker, C. Brown, D. Gordon, H. Silver) as well as contemporary compositions by her favorite musicians such as Kenny Wheeler, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Benny Golson. In the late 2012 she moved to London, driven by the desire to explore and enjoy the amazing Jazz scene of The City, where she's now performing regularly along with extraordinary musicians from different parts of the world. In last November Stefania has had the chance to sing in Den Haag (Netherlands) and in January 2014 in the marvellous Paris with numerous gorgeous musicians.

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